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After two years of trials on our first scrap conveyors and following testimony from our customers, we are confident that we have a superior product that will handle the most rugged of conveying conditions.  Whether you are updating an old system or buying new for the first time, we have a scrap conveyor for you.  We look forward to working with you to make your facility run as smoothly, efficiently and safely as possible. Please contact us to discuss your conveying needs.

 New Generation Movement belt conveyors move scrap and debris from machines with little or no maintenance.


Why are New Generation Movement (NGM) conveyors special?

NGM’s conveyors save time and money.  NGM’s conveyors are a turn key scrap removal system to
move material away from lasers, lathes, presses, and other multi-function machine tools.
NGM’s conveyors are very low maintenance.    


· Very low maintenance = years of great performance                                 
· Very smooth and quiet running machine                                                    
· Top of the line idler rollers all have internal bearings requiring no lubrication
· Drive roller has 1¼” shaft and rubber legging for sure grip on belt.              
· Safe and user-friendly                                                                             
· Compact: Will fit under many different applications                                    



· Continuous Chevron belt which can handle hot scraps/slugs up to 3/4” thick and 6” in diameter
· Electric drive: Low HP motor with Dodge gearbox, slip clutch, safety shields and chain drive       
· Attractive powder coat paint finish                                                                                           
· Belt Speed: 7’ to 15’+ FPM (speed matched to each application)                                                 
· Conveyor Lengths: Varies depending on series of conveyor chosen                                             
· Sorting screens for small parts can attach to the head of the conveyor                                        
· Guide rails above the belt edge so no parts or fines get underneath the belt                                 


NGM offers 3 different series of conveyors….
1000 Series 


Series Belt Conveyor:

NGM’s most universal scrap conveyor
with capabilities to be made over 100′ long in
12" 18" and 24" wide increments Special
lengths and widths available upon request.





Series Belt Conveyor:
8.5” tall x 12 7/8” ID wide x 14 1/2’ long. Includes: Stands and supports, electric kit, sorting screens for small parts, and a dump box for fines and scrap metal.

2000 Series

     Our compact conveyor features an all-in-one design that slides directly under the steel belt conveyor at the end of the laser bed.  This unit is great for situations where scrap needs to be moved further away from the loading point while still maintaining a low clearance of 5 1/2".  This conveyor can be used in many different situations.

    2000 Series conveyor installed under a Trumpf laser system.  NGM conveyor is removing scrap away from the steel belt under the laser bed.


3000 Series


New 60° Paddle Belt Conveyor

 The low clearance and compact discharge of our 3000 series
conveyor equals a conveyor that will replace a steel belted paddle
conveyor with unmatched performance.

Vibro Air-Operated Transporter
NGM is proud to present Vibro Industries. Vibros pneumatic conveyors can be used with NGM’s conveyors or sold separately for many other applications. Feel free to check out Vibro’s web site and see the versatility of this product. Contact NGM as we are a dealer for Vibro Industries.



The Vibro air-operated transporter is the right choice for linear scrap removal from punch presses, lathes, and other automatic multi-functional machine tools. The principle behind the Vibro design is it pneumatic cylinder. With a slow acceleration in the forward stroke, material will be transported forward. During the rapid return stroke, material will remain stationary, thus ensuring constant movement in one direction only. Because of its compact design, the Vibro Air-Operated Transporter may be installed in cramped, congested areas, unlike other transporters, the Vibro Air-Operated Transporter does not need to be located in close proximity to the tool. A scrap removal tray can be provided to fit in close quarters at the point of scrap ejection.



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